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111: Benefits Of CD Duplication
The process of CD duplication is the means of making

several copies of CDs of various types without

doing a replication of many. The term is used to

describe the need and use of short run quantity

copying of various types of CDs. Most CD

duplication is done for quantities under 500.

112: Tips For CD Duplication Side Business
The process of CD duplication has arrived in a very

big way. Teenagers these days are using their CD

burners to rip MP3s from their favorite artists and

bands. Companies choose to use CD duplication to

make backups of their software and important


113: Factors In CD Duplication
The process of writing data to a recordable CD can

be a complex process, as it demands a lot from both

hardware and software programs. Much of this

complexity is hidden from the user by the program,

although you should be aware of these factors.

114: Copy Like A Professional
Anyone who has burned CDs in the past has had to

have encountered this problem - your CD doesn't

want to play in certain CD players. You've probably

tried switching to a different brand of disks,

switching the writing speed of your CD burning

software, and yet nothing seems to work.

115: Musicians And CD Duplication
These days, technology is always available for any

inspiring musician to record, create, and even

duplicate CDs. The duplication of CDs will involve

CD-R media. CD-R media prices have dropped a lot

over the last several years, making them affordable

for anyone who wants to use them.

116: Duplicating Within Your Budget
If you plan to produce, market, and sell your own

CDs, you have the need for high quality CD

duplication. If you have the need for great

quality and great prices, you should thing about

things before you turn to one company to do all

of the duplicating for you.

117: Storing Your CDs
There are many different storage alternatives for

your CD collection. The factors for storage include

how many CDs you own and how long you plan to keep


118: Intro To CD Mastering
Even though many assume that the mixing of the

seperate audio tracks is the final step, a recording

should always be mastered well in order to sound

great. CD mastering is the final chance for

creative input when you create a compact disc.

After the discs has been mastered, it can be printed,

reproduced, and then sold.

119: Intro To CD Duplication
The first thing you must know, is that there are many

different types of CD duplication. Some of them happen

to be illegal, which is why you'll need to make sure

that the CDs you are duplicating are allowed by local

laws and regulations.

120: CD Ripper Software
CD ripper software will open up an entirely new

way of how you listen to music. With the use of

CD ripping software, you can take audio tracks

from a CD and them into audio files for use on

your computer. You can save them as WAV, MP3, OGG,

or WMA audio files. The term "ripping" is the

term used to describe this very process.

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