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51: Key Learning Points Of Bluetooth
Bluetooth is easily the best in wireless handheld

technology. When it comes to learning, Bluetooth

can get quite complicated. To help you, you'll find

the key learning points of Bluetooth below:

52: Bluetooth Profiles
The profile found in Bluetooth will describe how

the technology is used. Profiles can be best

described as vertical slices through the protocol

stack. It will define options in each protocol

that are mandatory for the profile.

53: Bluetooth Specifications
Below, you'll find several specifications for the

well known Bluetooth:

54: Advantages And Disadvantages
Bluetooth has a lot to offer with an increasingly

difficult market place. Bluetooth helps to bring

with it the promise of freedom from the cables and

simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched

by LAN (Local Area Network).

55: The Future Of Bluetooth
Because it meets the basic needs of connectivity in

close range, Bluetooth has a very bright future

ahead of it. Bluetooth is actually the result of

initiatives from nine leading communications and

computer industry giants, including 3-COM, Sony,

Lucent, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, etc.

56: Bluetooth Operation
The networking standards of Bluetooth will transmit

data via low power radio frequency. Bluetooth

communicates on a 2.45 GHz frequency. This very

band of frequency has been set aside by international

agreement for the use of industrial and medical


57: Bluetooth Technology Intro
The technology of Bluetooth is nothing new, but in

many respects it can still seem like more of a buzz

word rather than an accepted technology. You may

see the ads for Bluetooth enabled devices, although

you still may be wondering what it is.

58: Introduction To Bluetooth
Bluetooth was designed to allow low bandwidth wireless

connections to become easy to use so even those who

are new to wireless can use them. Version 1.1 of

Bluetooth describes a low power, short range wireless

networking technology that uses radio waves to send

data at rates up to 720 kilobits a second.

59: Bluetooth Technical Operations
Bluetooth is a high speed, low powered wireless link

technology that's designed to connect phones or other

portable equipment together with little to no work

required by the user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth

doesn't require line of site positioning to work.

60: Bluetooth Definition
Bluetooth is a specification for the use of low

power radio communications to wireless phones,

computers, and other network wireless devices over

short distances. The name Bluetooth is actually

borrowed from Harald Bluetooth, a Denmark king

more than 1,000 years ago.

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