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61: Bluetooth Glossary
Below, you'll find a list of the most used terms in

Bluetooth technology. They can serve as a look up,

or to help you learn more about Bluetooth terms in


62: Bluetooth Security
These days, all communication technology faces the

issue of privacy and identity theft, with Bluetooth

being no exception. Almost everyone knows that email

services and networks require security. What users

of Bluetooth need to realize is that Bluetooth also

requires security measures as well.

63: Bluetooth Applications
With Bluetooth being very popular with wireless, it's

no wonder there are many applications available for

the technology. Below, you'll find the applications

for Bluetooth.

64: Bluetooth Wireless Networking
Bluetooth technology offers three different types

of defined ranges, based on output ranges. Class

1 devices are the most powerful, as they can have

up to 100 mW of power, with a regular antenna

giving them a range of around 130 - 330 feet.

65: The Bluetooth Solution
The technology of Bluetooth will take small area

networking to the next level by removing the need

for user intervention and help keep transmission

power very low to preserve battery power. Each

transmission signal to and from your cellular

phone will use just 1 mw of power, giving you

plenty of space on your battery to talk.

66: Choosing A Bluetooth Headset
Creating a good wireless headset for Bluetooth is

actually difficult to do. The regular wired headsets

are easy to design - with ranging styles.

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