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81: High Definition Has Arrived
A while back, Sony, Sharp, Canon and JVC announced

the creation of a new high definition video standard

for video cameras - HDV. HDV utilizes MPEG-2 image

compression with a definition of 1080 lines and a

16:9 aspect ratio.

82: Sony HDR HC3
Home video enthusiasts all across North America are

impressed with the vast range of recording features

offered by the Sony HDR-HC3 handycam video camera.

With both HD and SD modes of recording, you can make

the move to high definition without retaining

compatibility with standard definition equipment.

83: Looking At High Def Cameras
If you've been looking for a high definition video

camera, there are many out there for you to choose

from. In this article, we will take a look at

some of your options available in each of the

different formats.

84: Sony New HD Camera
When Sony first unveiled the H3 to the market, it

staged none of the over the top glitz or glamour

many expected. Held at a tiny theater inside a

Sony office in Tokyo, the event barely even

resembled a minor product launch.

85: Sony HDR-FX1
The Sony HDR-FX1 is the world's first consumer 1080i

high definition video camera. A revolution of form

and function, the HDR-FX1 will allow you to play

and record interlaced high definition video at

resolutions of up to 1440 X 1080 for professional

quality video with plenty of vivid colors and amazing


86: HD Based Video Cameras
HD, or high definition, is creating quite a lot of

interest, due to some very high spirited campaigning

done by the cable networks wanting you to buy HD

boxes to watch HD on television. What you may not

be aware of, is the fact that HD is delivered in

a widescreen format of 16:9 instead of the normal

television format of 4:3.

87: Panasonic AG-HVX200
The Panasonic AG-HVX200 is a handheld HD p2 camera

recorder that's designed to meet the emerging needs

needs in HD content production. The camera debuts

and remains Panasonic's first HD video product to

use P2, the cutting edge memory recording device

that has the potential to revolutionize the entire

production paradigm.

88: Rent Or Buy HD Video Camera
If you are new to HD video cameras, you've probably

found yourself wondering if you really need to have

one around. For a majority of people, a HD video

camera represents the best way to capture memories

and pictures with the best technology available today.

89: JVC And The First High Def Camera
The amazing company of JVC (Victor Company of Japan)

released the first high definition video camera for

consumers back in 2003. The GR-HD1 high def camera

was the first digital video camera in the world to

record and play back high definition images.

90: Sany Xacti VPC-HD1
This digital HD media camera is small, elegant, and

also lightweight. The Sanyo Xacti will beautifully

capture your memories in high definition. The

stylish vertical design offered by the camera will

make it easier for you to keep an arm steady while

you shoot.

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