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Five types of Wall Clocks you should consider for corporate gifting

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by: corporate legacies
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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2017 Time: 3:05 AM


“Time is gold” is an old meaningful saying. It is essential to understand the value of time, to thrive in a world where technology is rewriting the rules. You can quickly check the time on electronic gadgets in today's modern age.  But a well-made clock can add both functionality and style to your home. Wall clocks add a stylish accent to the room by enhancing decor aesthetics.


In this list, you’ll find a range of contemporary wall clocks based on different needs and preferences. Time is precious after all, so choose the best wall clock to please your employees.



1.Brown Frame Wall Clocks:



Modern wall clocks are known for their ‘evocative designs’. These clocks continue to tell time with accuracy as their batteries have plenty of power. Traditional brown frame clocks match with dizzying styles and themes. Brown frame wall clocks are often known as Retro clocks. They easily blend with both modern and rustic design of a room. These clocks come in different materials like birch wood and linden wood. They could be circular, square, rectangular, or octagonal. Their shapes are modified everytime to provide a modern touch. However, the most sought-after configuration in wall clocks is 'circular.' Evocative design wall clocks remain to be a favorite category of corporate gifting solutions because of their subtle design.


2.Decorative Wall Clocks:



Designer wall clocks are trending these days. We work under given budget and ensure timed delivery of every corporate gift. Our experts make sure that our services remain engaging and enthralling for the receiver. While clocks are functional, some people look for a specific style of clock that could add to home decor. A decorative clock with metal or accents may work best in a home decorated in a modern look. A decorative clock can amplify luxury to even a formal sitting room.


3.Metallic Frame Wall Clocks:




The design of metallic clocks is very conventional and elegant. We have a wide collection of metallic framed watches. Some clocks are painted in a single color while others are polychromes. The polychrome clocks also possess digital prints. Digital prints could be 'figurative paintings,' 'multicolor stripes,' and 'textual prints.'A nice metallic frame clock easily fits with the industrial stylization of a living room. It goes with soft and neutral texture wall. They act as an accessory to a white sofa and solid wooden table. A large, round wall clock with metallic finish enhances the element of stylization.


4.Customized Picture Clocks:


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