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Tasty food in the West of Singapore

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by: meattest64
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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 Time: 9:40 AM

Ready to go the Garden of Eden to have a meal? If you¡¯re wanting for food or venues to have a bite in the west Singapore, then Westway is where you have to be.

Westway is a commercial combined building (2 floors) home to many good restaurants in Singapore. Whether you¡¯re searching for korean restaurants, steamboat, good steak restaurants or just simple hawker food fair in Singapore, you¡¯re can find it at Westway! It is also base to a lot of the best cafes in the west Singapore and coffee aficionados will enjoy being able to savor the aroma of roasted coffee beans as they slowly taste their drink.

Are you a people of the night with an eventful night life? Westway has happy hours bars which provides you to drink and enjoy yourself with events such as karaoke all the way into the middle of the evening in Singapore.

Or perhaps you¡¯re a pet lover, then Westway provides what you want, as it is house to one of the many pet friendly cafes in Singapore where you can get the best coffee in Singapore and have the beautiful sight with your pet.

Now if you¡¯re looking for places to eat in the west Singapore, Westway is where all these are happening! Interested to learning more about the gastronomical happiness that is waiting you?

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