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4 methods for faster weight loss in daily life

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by: easequit3
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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 Time: 7:34 AM

If you are going to reduce weight, try a health diet product such as lida daidaihua, it is hot in current market and you can also combine them with some other weight loss methods to get faster and better effect, below are some suggestions for you to combine if you are taking lida diet pills.

1. eat at least three fruits and three vegetables

To reduce weight, it is the quite necessary thing to control the total calorie intake. Eat more fruits and vegetables can not only easy to produce satiety, but also help you reduce the urge to eat dessert. Also, eat more fiber-rich foods can effectively treat constipation, which may be one of the culprits that cause your belly bulging.

2, take nine glasses of water a day, drink less carbonated drinks

Before eating breakfast in the morning, take cup of white water, light honey, water or water that add a cellulose, they can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and help to excrete the waster metabolized at the night before, reducing the chance of getting little belly

3, away from alcohol

No matter it is beer, cocktails, liquor, or any other forms of alcoholic beverages, all are likely to be the main culprits causing your belly fat. Although alcohol does not contain fat, its calorie content is very high, only about 200ml glass of alcoholic beverage can have up to 100 Kcal heat. Wine will increase your body's levels of cortisol , this strong hormone is precisely accomplice for abdominal fat storage

4, turn up your hula hoop

Shake hula when you are watching TV: shaking hula hoop can consume about 5 calories per kg per hour, take 45 kg of body weight for example, approximately one hour hula can burn calories 45 (kg) x5 kcal = 225 cards , your waist will become slender if you insist.

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