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91: The Benefits Of Wooden Mini Blinds
Wooden mini blinds are one type of wood blinds for

covering doors and windows. The smaller increments

of a narrow slate dimension, wooden mini blinds

are more able to control the amount of light that

comes into a room and the view that is seen through

a window.

92: Saying Goodbye To Wood Shutters
The traditional wooden shutter is normally made

from wood, needs quite a bit of maintenance, and

looks as if it was right out of an episode of

an old comedy. These shutters have been around

since the Colonial Times, and are quite a bit

old. Most people never close them, yet the

hinges still need to be shined and oiled.

93: How To Buy Shutters
Currently, shutters are made in a number of different

materials, with wooden shutters still being the

benchmark for quality window coverings. Quality

wood shutters are designed to last for the lifetime

of your home. Deciding on the material for your

shutters is the first step in making things work.

94: Measuring For Mini Blinds
The first thing to do when measuring for your mini

blinds is to determine if you need inside mount or

outside mount. Inside mount will fit the blinds

within the window frame, while outside mount will

fit the overlap of the window opening.

95: Buying Budget Shutters
Even though there is a lot of value in installing

high quality interior wood window shutters,

they can sometimes still be too expensive for

certain applications. There are some alternatives

that include poly, pvc, or even vinyl shutters

that are less expensive although much less

attractive and look cheaper in comparison.

96: Selecting The Coverings
Many factors play a role in selecting the right

covering for your window. The main reasons as to

why you should install window coverings are light

control and privacy. Other factors include

durability, life expectancy, cleaning, formality,

versatility, safety, and the price.

97: Building With Windows In Mind
There is a lot to think about when designing a home,

as many people simply overlook window treatments. In

this article, I'm hoping to help you avoid the common

pitfalls involved and help you save some money.

98: Installing Shutters
Installing your shutters isn't a difficult process

at all. The key here is to work with shutters that

are specifically built for each individual window

opening in conjunction with detailed instructions.

99: Installing Mini Blinds

The first thing to do, is to determine the position

of the mini blinds, deciding if they will be inside

or outside of the window. Inside mounting will look

more customized, although outside mounting will

provide better control of lighting.

100: Cleaning Mini Blinds
At some point in time, all of us have come across

mini blinds at the local home improvement center.

They look really nice sitting there, although

no one wants to spend a few days removing the

dust from them. Regardless of what you may hear

or think, it doesn't always have to be this way.

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