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Are you in the field for home servicing

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by: knotable1
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Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2014 Time: 7:19 PM

Are you in the mood for property improvements but don't know where to start? sgFixIt is here to aid you. sgFixIt has the comprehensive listing of handyman services in Singapore.

What are some of the things that sgFixIt helps with? How about:

Interior Design

Air conditioning Service

Renovation contractor (both HDB renovation and office renovation)


Plumbing Services


Painting Services



Kitchen Design

Pest Control Services

and more! With our help by allowing you to access our database of many links to some of the most reliable service providers in Singapore, you can compare many different choices such as aircon service providers in Singapore to scout out which one is the efficient choice for you!

Looking for Handyman services in Singapore? Whether it's interior design, aircon servicing, renovation contractors, plumbing, electrician services, landscaping or just acquiring new curtains and kitchen cabinets in Singapore, sgFixIt is the assistance that you need.

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