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Diablo 3: Legendary Gems Are Planned in the Upcomi

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by: d3itemsal543
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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 Time: 2:25 AM

Diablo 3: Legendary Gems Are Planned in the Upcoming Patches

Many fans of Diablo 3 love the introduction of Legendary Gems, and more gems are planned on the way. Legendary Gems in in Patch 2.1.0 give offensive boosts to players. These gems have rapidly become popular, because these effects are available to players of all classes. The gems can also be shared freely between them, without using a slot that would have been used otherwise for a legendary item or a set. This the best site selling Diablo 3 items at the reasonable prices.

Good news is Blizzard confirmed that they will be adding more gems in the future, although there is no set timetable at this time. Future gems will include those that have defensive effects. Most importantly, Blizzard is listening to fan feedback.

If you have any ideas, share it on Blizzard’s forums, as well as their social networks. What effects would you like to see future Legendary Gems enable? May be the legendary gems in the future will be like what you want them to be. Don’t hesitate tobuy Diablo 3 items!


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