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21: Choosing The Right Boat
The first thing you should know when choosing a boat

is that no single boat will do everything. If your

looking for a boat that inspires confidence, don't

expect it to shine in light air. Boats that are

exciting to sail on the weekends aren't the ideal boats

for a passage through the ocean.

22: Buying A Cruising Yacht
Everyone out there likes the idea of a shiny new

boat. While buying a new yacht is an accomplishment

in itself, you shouldn't spend over your budget then

be unable to take it anywhere. When you buy a

yacht, always look at what comes with the boat

and decide if it's everything you want.

23: Buying A Boat Trailer
A boat trailer is something you really can't go

wrong with, as it is a dual purpose device. It

provides a convenient way to store the boat, and

also allows you to explore new areas by taking

your boat down the road. Good trailers must

perform both duties equally as good.

24: Reasons To Buy A Boat
Many studies have shown, and many people already know

that being with friends and family, relaxing in the

outdoors and being close to nature are the best reasons

to buy a boat and spend time on the water. Your family

doesn't need to spend a forture or travel to a theme

park to have an experience that everyone will enjoy.

25: Buying The Right Fishing Boat
If you are planning to buy a boat, you'll first need

to evaluate what you plan to do with it. If your

primary purpose is fishing, then you'll want to

look into boats that are designed primarily for


26: Inspecting Your New Boat
The viewing, or inspecting your boat is a very

important part of the buying process. Inspecting

will allow you to see what you are buying before

you pay any money.

27: Financing A Boat
Once you decide to buy a boat, you'll find yourself

wondering how you are going to pay for it. This

type of purchase will involve some type of financing,

whether it's a credit line through the home, an

unsecured loan, or a boat line. Choosing the right

financing source can be just as important as

choosing the right boat.

28: Cash Or Finance For Your Boat
Before you go out and purchase your boat, remember

that boating is a hobby and you shouldn't go

overboard with it. Unlike your house, boating

isn't really worth going into debt for. First

time buyers who aren't sure about boating should

always make sure they spend well within their


29: Getting Started With Boating
One of the best things about boating is the fact

that there are many boats designed for many

different activities. For the majority of boaters,

a general purpose craft that serves as a fish, ski,

and picnic boat is ideal.

30: Types Of Boat Sellers
Below, you'll find many people who sell boats, and

how to go about dealing with them:

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